Supply Solutions (COVID 19 & Other Commodities)

Marjon Solutions is well capable of sourcing only the highest quality solutions for our valuable clients. Supported by well-known and reliable suppliers, including manufactures, we are able to solve our client requirements fast, efficient and cost effective.

COVID19 Essentials:

• Mobile testing stations
• Mobile Sanitizing tunnels
• Decontamination tents
• Industrial high-pressure washers
• Decontamination services
• Mask (Fabric, FFP2, 3Ply Surgical mask, KN95, N95, Face shield)
• Gel and Liquid sanitizers
• Cleansing disinfectant wipes
• Infectious waste disposal boxes
• Disposable gloves
• Disposable coveralls
• Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer
• Touchless sanitizing stands
• Counter protector

Personal protective Equipment (PPE):

Marjon supplies PPE to all clients in all sectors, this includes PPE for the head, eyes, face, hands, feet, body, ears and respiratory.

Sector-Based Supplies:

Other Supplies:

• Hygiene and Cleaning products, including associated services for all sectors
• General stationary
• Laptops & Tablets
• Office furniture
• Air conditioners
• Generators
• Geysers
• Beverages (water & Soft drinks)

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