Roof leaks can be very frustrating to deal with. They can harm the structure of your house, cause mould to grow and cause interior damage. Roof leaks can be either very evident or subtle. You may find some leaks by going up the attic to discover mould or when water damage appears on your ceiling. 

It often happens that you cannot get roofers out to fix your leaking roof because of the weather or having limited time. So, how can you quickly fix a leaking roof?

Ways to fix a leaking roof 

  • Use a tarp 

A tarp is a large waterproof piece of material. It is typically made from polyester that is coated in polyurethane. Tarps usually have grommets that make them easy to secure. 

Once you’ve located the leak on your roof, you can cover the area with a tarp. Drape the top part of the tarp over the point of your roof and secure it with the grommets. 

  • Use caulk or roof sealant 

For small gaps around leaky joints, you can use caulk or roof sealant. Simply scrape away old sealant along with any debris and dry the area before applying the product. Use a flexible putty knife to apply the product to the small cracks or holes.

  • Repair roof flashing 

If you are fixing flashing, you can pry up the nails used to secure it. Any shingles should be lifted out of the way so the damaged piece can be removed. Once this is done, you can put the new flashing in place and secure it with roofing nails. Thereafter, you should apply roofing sealant to the nail heads to make them weather resistant. 

  • Use roofing cement 

Roofing cement is a quick solution to fix cracks and holes in your roof. This technique is most effective when applying the product to a dry roof.

This process is a simple one. Simply brush away debris from the crack or hole and fill it in with roofing cement. You can place a roofing mesh over the cement to make it more secure.

  • Use roofing tape

Roofing must be applied to the inside of the roofing material. The tape is applied by tearing off some pieces and patching them over the leak. This is a temporary fix and you have to keep an eye on it, in case you have to apply more tape.

Need professional help? 

If you have a roof leak and want it to be fixed by a professional team, talk to the experts at Marjon Solutions. We will advise on the best solution for your roof and provide you with an affordable quote.